Midway Christian Academy Preschool

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The mission of MCA is to offer the children of the community a firm foundation in their education experience in a Christian-based environment.  We believe that each child should be introduced to the learning experience in a manner that will promote and encourage the joy of learning and knowledge that will continue throughout their lives.  Intrinsic to the education experience at MCA is the knowledge that Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior.

MCA preschool is located in Douglasville, GA and operates under the supervision of the MCA Board of Directors comprised of Midway United Methodist Church Members. Through the support of the church and staff, MCA preschool has grown each year and enriched the program for the children and parents.

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MCA Preschool Classes

MCA offers a variety of preschool classes to meet the academic and social needs of the children in the community. MCA uses the Douglas County cutoff date. To enroll in a class, the child must be the appropriate age by September 1st of that year ( i.e. to enroll in a 3 year old class, the child must be three by September 1st).

The Mother’s Morning Out program is an introduction to being in a group and being apart from mom.  Social skills are modeled, with much time being spent on exploration and experimentation with toys and art materials.  This program includes lots of play and lots of music!
The 2 Year curriculum focuses on themes with corresponding Bible stories which are supported with memory verses, songs and finger plays, poems and nursery rhymes.  Academically, 2-year-olds are introduced to colors, shapes, counting to 10 and saying letters.  The child is also taught self-care and manners  along with basic personal information (their name and age).  Your child will be introduced  to some of the best preschool books in print.
The 3 Year curriculum consists of a chronological study of Bible stories beginning in Genesis. Each Bible story is supported with a memory verse, song, and finger play or nursery rhyme.   Academically, 3-year-olds review colors and shapes, learn a Letter of the Week (focused on upper case), numbers, and basic math skills including, sorting, spatial concepts, sequencing, and patterns.  Gross and fine motor skill activities are also included.   Your child will be introduced  to more of the best preschool books in print.
The 4 Year curriculum introduces the Fruits of the Spirit and character traits which are supported through Bible characters, memory verses, and songs.  Academically, 4-year-olds learn lower case letters and begin to learn how to write letters, numbers, and their name.  They will “study” a Letter of the Week and review numbers.  Additionally, our 4 year olds will be introduced to a new literacy curriculum which will set a firm foundation for reading.  They’ll learn their phone number and address as well as learning about the seasons, senses, and further exploring math skills such as spatial concepts, opposites, sequencing, and patterns.  Gross and fine motor skill activities  along with visual perception activities are also a part of the 4-year-olds day, as are more excellent preschool and beginning reader books.

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Preschool Calendar & Hours

The official preschool hours of operation are 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. For the safety and security of the children, all entrances will be locked before and during school hours. Carpool will begin at 8:55 a.m. each morning. At dismissal, the school will be begin carpool at 11:55 a.m. and continue until 12:15 p.m., if necessary.

In regard to school closings due to weather, MCA follows the Douglas County School system. Please consult the local radio and TV stations for Douglas County School closings in inclement weather conditions. In regard to school holidays, the MCA follows the Douglas County system. Sufficient notice will be given to all parents regarding any additional days of no classes.

MCA Preschool Classes  Ages 1- Pre-K:

  • Classes ages 1-4 have two teachers in the classroom at all times.
  • All classes participate in a weekly music & movement class and a weekly Bible Enrichment class.
  • All classes participate in a monthly Chapel program and special programs throughout the year.
  • All children receive an MCA T-shirt and tote bag at the beginning of the year.
  • MCA uses a play-based approach to learning that includes art, cooking, songs, and movement activities to enhance the learning process. Children learn a monthly Bible verse and hear a new children’s Bible story each week.
  • All classes have mid-morning snacks and outdoor supervised free play time each day. (In the case of inclement weather, children play in the gym.)
  • Each day class time includes one-on-one activities with the teacher, small group times, and a whole group circle time.
  • Each class participates in service projects in the community or for other children that promote the Christian values we are striving to teach.

Contact Preschool Preschool Info Registration Form 2018-19 Tuition Info 2017-18 registration form

MCA Preschool Registration & Enrollment

Registration for MCA preschool begins in February of the preceding school year. Notice of pending registration is sent out to all current MCA parents. Current students and siblings and members of the Midway United Methodist Church are eligible for registration a month before registration is open to the public. All registration is on a first come, first served basis. For children registering for preschool classes that are filled to capacity, their names will be retained on a waiting list for the duration of the school year. Registration fees are due at the time of registration and are nonrefundable.

For a child to be successfully enrolled in the MCA preschool program various information and forms are required. At the beginning of the school year, each child must have the following forms on file:

Required Enrollment Forms

  1. Current Certificate of Immunization Form obtained from your family physician, pediatrician or the Health Department. This must be a signed form and not a copy.
  2. Emergency Medical Form with emergency contact information and physicians and dentists information.
  3. An Enrollment Form that confirms program enrollment terms, MCA policy and provides names of adults who may pick up your child.
  4. Blanket Field Trip Form for all four-year-old classes is required to allow your child to participate in class field trips throughout the school year.